Toddler Tee's (2T-6T) Short Sleeve

Toddler Tee's (2T-6T) Short Sleeve

The short sleeve version of your toddlers "expression", great for layering in cold months also!

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Standard sayings include:

1.  Got Sanitizer?   

2.  I'm older than I look  

3.  I'm younger than I look

4.  100% IVF

5.  Trained Monkey...(yeah right)

6.  If I don't dressed me

7.  I let my parents think they are in charge

8.  Tiny Sis

9.  Big Sis

10.  Bigger Sis

11.  Lil Bro

12.  Big Bro

13.  Bigger Bro

14. I earned these rolls

15.  No really...I'm one!

16.  Seriously...I'm two!

17.  I'm only fed on Tuesdays (this is for the petite ones in your life)

18. Fun-Sized

19.  Don't let my size fool you

20.  Do I look fat in this yet?

21.  Baby A -  (depending on how many you need!)

22. I know I'm cute, you can stop staring

23.  Why walk when mom can carry me!

24.  Stunt double in training (great for twins)

25.  My brother (or sister) is fun-sized

26.  Walkers, they aren't just for old people

27.  Copy

28.  Paste

29.  I rock the camera!


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