Becoming first time parents in 2009, my husband and I learned quickly that a sense of humor was needed in any situation.  From when we were told our son was going to have Hydrocephalus, to his arrival 11 weeks early to a diagnosis at 10 months of a rare brain malformation.  In order to survive that and the challenges ahead, we needed to keep our humor intact.


After a 64 day stay in the NICU with our son, and meeting some amazing other parents, we all needed some daily laughter in our lives to go along with the challenges that lay ahead of us.  At the time, I was a full time Major in the Army and thought I needed a creative outlet on the side for some fun for our preemies and launched It's a Preemie Thing to add humor to tough situations.


When my son was diagnosed with his rare brain malformation (Rhombencephalosynapsis) at 10 months, I began the process of resigning my commission (yep, lost it all after 16 years of service) and became a work at home mom.  Can I just say that it's easier being an Army Major than being a stay at home mom most days?  At least most folks would listen to me at work.

I started getting requests for shirts for "termies" (what us preemie moms call full term babies) and so the concept of Togs N Things was born.  Togs is another word for clothing, which my wonderfully British (sorry honey, I know you were born in Scotland) husband came up with for me.  It's my way of continuing to try and add humor into others lives and create smiles just by reading a shirt.  I can't tell you how many people would laugh when seeing my little guy coming down a hall in a building in his little walker with his "Walkers...they aren't just for old people" shirt rather than looking at him sadly.  Granted he's shed the walker and is now crashing his way down halls wildly now, and I love every little bruise!


Since our son was always smaller than the average (I mean, he was only 2.5lbs at birth!) we thought for us"I'm older than I look" would be appropriate.  Then others began telling us their children were way bigger, so we thought why not have "I'm younger than I look".  Or for a friend who was tired of being asked "Why is your daughter so skinny?" not that anyone should ask that in the first place, but "I'm only fed on Tuesdays" came to mind and can now nip that in the bud.

Why not have some fun in your childrens and your own wardrobe, have some apparel with a twist!  Enjoy life and help announce a big pink elephant when it walks into a room. Thank you for shopping at Togs N Things and we hope you find something that makes you laugh!


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